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George Greaves has got a modern take on the 80's aesthetic

George Greaves is a graphic designer and illustrator working out of Bristol. Clearly informed by his studies in visual communication at Westminster University, he lets colour and form speak all of the volumes in his work. Minimal and sophisticated, detailed yet simple.

George’s work is influenced by architecture and built environments. He also looks to his heroes of the modern classics like Matisse, Miró and Hockney for inspiration. We see recognise a version of Hockney’s ‘A Bigger Splash’ painting and even find our minds wandering to Magritte with a few of George’s more geometric, dream-like vignettes. Some of his drawings are reminiscent of scenes or sets from old movies or tv shows. Kind of like a modern take on an 80’s aesthetic.

Almost solely created in photoshop, George alternates between strong, bold line work with swaths of colour and geometric forms in textural gradients. When he’s not drawing, he makes up half of ‘Printed Goods’, a design and risograph studio created in collaboration with his brother. The company combines the brothers’ individual design practices and enthusiasm for tactile ephemera.

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