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Fredrik Andersson is a London-based illustrator exploring the spectrum of human intimacy through his drawings

Fredrik Andersson is a Swedish illustrator, busting taboos around intimacy and sexy-times one sweet little butt-cheek at a time with his exciting and lively work. Currently based in London, Fredrik  graduated from the Camberwell College of Arts in 2016. He uses a range of mediums, from watercolour, paint pens and inks to linocut, screen printing and ceramic techniques. Fredrik’s digital work is woven in amongst this, creating punchy vectored pieces in joyous colour palettes for commercial work and play.

He has an obsession with drawing naked people, and an extra special penchant for drawing hairy men. Through his bright, bold, colourful drawings and ceramics he is deeply interested in exploring somewhat touchy subjects like sex, nudity and intimacy. As well as busting open taboos by simply working in and around these areas and making these images visible, he tries to promote queer and LGBTQI culture and issues, using his own experiences as inspiration for his personal works. He’s working towards equal representation for all in art and life in general, using his creativity and sense of humour to shine a light on all spectrums of people. Fredrik has said that he uses drawing and making as his own form of therapy — a way to process his world and move onwards through life.

Cheeky, nude and always a little bit rude, we think Fredrik’s works are a breath of fresh air. And we’re particularly taken by his emotional ceramic vases, sad and disgruntled little guys in glossy pastel glazes that look even more amusing with happy posies sprouting out of their heads.

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