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Feast your eyes on the zany and positively crazy work of Cocolia

Cocolia are a Spanish creative studio banging out some pretty positively crazy work. They’re Barcelona-based but we prefer to think of them as residing in Eye Candy City, because that is exactly what their website is. Cocolia create works that are orbiting in their own hyper universe. We’re talking high-impact colour, swirling palettes, swooshes of textural gradients and splotchings of hand-painted goodness.

Raul Ramos and Mieria Ruez are the creative masterminds behind this zany little studio. Together they’re all over everything; from identity design, to art direction, sets and illustration. Scrolling through their catalogue of work is mind-boggling and visually arresting. You can’t help but sit back, let your eyes bulge and do their thang ’til the initial colour-shock wears off. Mieria and Raul always try to prioritise and make space for personal projects. They’ve said that it’s the painting and playtime that gets done amidst the freedom of personal work that ends up informing the commercial work that flows in. It’s plain to see, the friendly, humble aesthetic they’ve developed is super flexible with projects like a smiling hand-painted chair or original artwork looking right at home nestled next to squeaky clean video productions and look book designs.

Our favourite kind of work straddles the worlds between analogue and digital. There’s not much tastier fuel for our eyeballs than seeing paper, scissors and spray paint sit alongside and work together with the Adobe suite. Through their work, Cocolia celebrate the organic and hand-rendered, with a healthy dose of humour and play. We really like that.

See more from Cocolia on their website and keep up with their work on Instagram and Twitter.

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