Eye-poppin' colours and chunky lines by London-based graphic artist Thomas Hedger

Hoo, we reckon there must be something in the water over in the UK. Housing many of the world’s best young illustrators, London-based award-winning graphic artist Thomas Hedger is counted amongst these talented numbers. Studying his BA in Graphic Design and Illustration at Central Saint Martins college, Thomas has already worked for some of the best-known magazines in the world, with names like The Guardian and The New York Times already sitting pretty in his impressive list of clients.

Thomas is constantly pushing himself, and it’s pretty amazing to watch his style slowly morph and grow stronger with each year. Process-wise, he usually creates all of his work on the computer, working digitally from start to finish. Starting with a fresh blank canvas, Thomas starts to project what’s going on in his head directly onto the screen. From here, his illustrations begin taking shape.

Thomas first gained recognition and praise for his punchy, poppy and bright style, influenced by culture and growing up in the 90’s. Maintaining his signature heavy lines, simple forms, dense shadows and ‘pop’ aesthetic, we’ve watched his colour palette shift from super bright, clash-y primaries to a more subtle spectrum of tones. His work was characterised by a strong use of line and negative space, but in the last year we’ve watched him move into more detailed, complex compositions. Using subtle symbology, hazy gradients and softer halftone shading, Thomas hints at vague narratives and lets the reader interpret the story themselves.

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