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Exploring Alfie Kungu's painterly hyper-coloured, bubble gum world

We’ve got an obsession, a penchant for bright colour. It drives us bananas in the best way possible (no surprises, just look at our socks). So when we tripped across young UK artist Alfie Kungu’s playful, bright artwork, our jimmies got pretty well rustled.

Coming out of Bristol and only 23 years old, Alfie’s works are characterised by a power pack of hyper-coloured brush strokes, chunky textures and positive vibes. He sets familiar cultural motifs against a vivid combination of brights and pastels. His work is usually abstract, skipping across the drawing and painting disciplines. Last year Alfie’s work was selected for the prestigious Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition. We’re so glad we’re not the only ones getting jazzed over his mood-lifting, cheerful work.

Our favourite of his has to be his ‘Legs’ series, which started out as a simple experiment on canvas with standing paintings. Crowds of free-standing, comically long-legged figures hang out in Adidas-esque striped track pants and wobbly Nikes against bubble-gum like backgrounds. You can’t help but feel cheerful looking at these works, with their sense of humour.

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