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Enjoying Taku Bannai's minimal, soothing collaged illustrations

Taku Bannai is a Japanese artist who has captivated our attention with his soul-soothing collaged illustrations. Born in Tokyo, Taku graduated from the Tama Art University where he studied graphic design. Since graduating, he has worked as an illustrator for various design and advertising agencies, lending his recognisable style of human subjects in minimal, pastel-hued environments.

Using coloured paper, Taku creates his illustrations by making paper cuts and arranging them into simple figures and scenes. The textural, tactile surface of the paper offers an interesting and refreshing take on conventional illustration techniques. He uses large, empty areas of space and simple shapes to allow room for the viewer to interpret the composition in their own way. In minimalist style, by leaving just enough information out, it’s an interesting, intelligent and unpatronising way to communicate with his audience.

His collages depict calming, every images of people playing in parks, enjoying a quiet moment by the sea, skateboarding or swimming. We can tell by Taku’s sensitive way of illustrating life’s quieter moments that he is an observer, watching and taking in life from afar.

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