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Ella Webb's beautiful drawings inspired by the natural world

Ella Webb is a drawing machine. We mean this in the nicest and most complimentary way. When she draws, her lines are so crisp, so clean that we need to pinch and zoom to check if they were rendered by a human or a computer. A UK-based creative, Ella is a graduate of the Camberwell College of Arts, focusing on graphic design and illustration.

Ella’s work is super neat, and super skilled; bold yet refined. She combines traditional mediums like pencil and fine liner, with digital colouring and printing methods. For us, her work is like a cross between a science paraphernalia from the 70’s and Italian furniture from the 80’s. We’re talking if the lines of a scientists text book illustration went for a walk with patterns by the likes of Ettore Sottsass and Nathalie Du Pasquier.

A seasoned traveller and a hiker, Ella draws her inspiration from the natural landscapes and cityscapes of the places she visits. Spending plenty of time throughout Europe, Scandinavia and Japan we see these environments reflected in her works. Her intricate, graphic interpretations of topographies, national parks, volcanoes and natural disasters draw us in with their strong colour and detail.

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