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We want to live in Eleonora Arosio's bright and cheeky coloured-pencil rendered world

Eleonora Arosio is an Italian illustrator whose work we’ve recently fallen head over socks for. She creates charming drawings full of heart and humour. With her coloured pencils and watercolours in hand, Eleonora makes the kind of work that just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy in our chest.

Eleonora has been drawing since she was a child, and went on to study Fine Arts in Milan. Spending a few years skipping around various mediums, she eventually settled on illustration as her primary focus. After graduating, Eleonora made her way to Melbourne for a little while, and then onto Amsterdam where she is currently based. Uplifting and joyous in their form and subject matter, the drawings are inspired by the small victories and happiness found in the small moments of the everyday. She’s also inspired by her travels, allowing her adventures throughout the world to feed her art. So she never stays put in the one place for too long!

Eleonora has created a bright, primary-palette world where her friendly and positive characters go about their daily business. Slurping up pasta, relaxing on the beach, floating through space, enjoying small moments and good times with friends. We like to imagine that these scenes are a small glimpse into Eleonora’s imagination, and we’d happily take up residence there if we had the chance!


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