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Dynamic, playful prints from Atelier Bingo

We’re rather taken with French illustration duo Atelier Bingo and their raw, hands-on approach to image making. Maxime Prou and Adele Favreau are the two illustrators, surface pattern and graphic designers with crafty hands and clever minds behind the studio, experimenting with screen printing and other graphic techniques like collage to create their iconic and incredibly colourful, abstract works. We always admire creatives who can keep computer software at arms length in this ever-digital age, so to see these two young guns armed with scissors and paper, producing work for clients like Vogue, Wrap Magazine and The Plant warms our art hearts to no end.

Working from their converted studio / barn, Maxime and Adele left their typical graphic design jobs in bustling Paris to flee to the quiet of the French countryside three hours away (um, hello, dream!). Their work as Atelier Bingo is something like what we’d imagine the passionate love child of Henri Matisse and the Memphis movement to be. Influenced by the poetic colours, compositions and shapes of these pioneers, they have a wondrously original way of blending palettes and patterns, at once chaotic and balanced. Scissors, paper and paint are their art weapons of choice and boy does it look like fun. What we’d give to hang out in their super beautiful studio surrounded by good vibes, art supplies and their dog Donut for a day…!

The trump card is you can tell these two have fun when they make work, and put their everything into it with magic hands and powerful little screen printers biceps. Their prints are brimming with positive vibes and energy, an aesthetic you can’t fake. Maxime and Adele prove that you can be out of the city and still make boundary-pushing, incredible work. And if the countryside becomes too vanillya, a quick trip to Paris gets the brain swirling with inspiration again.

See more from Atelier Bingo on their website. Follow their work on Instagram and Tumblr.


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