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Drifting through Sean Meilak's geometric, architectural, dream-like spaces

Melbourne artist Sean Meilak’s work is like some kind of beautiful day dream. Whether he’s constructing compositions in plaster cast or rendering a two-dimensional still life drawing, we’re left feeling intrigued and transported to a dream-like space. We liken it to a feeling we imagine we’d get drifting through a Magritte painting or a Fassbinder film set; Sean’s multidisciplinary work is like a big head nod to a vast platter of modern art, design and film greats.

The geometric, architectural forms that Sean explores in his works are dense with mystery, intrigue and reference. He pulls together the sculptures of ancient Rome, Renaissance gardens, De Chirico surrealism, staunch Bauhaus and playful Memphis aesthetic in a way that is simultaneously calming, exciting and totally coherent.

Sean studied painting at the Victoria College of the Arts in Melbourne a few years ago, and considers is current practice multidisciplinary. Through his drawings, installations, video and sculpture works, he explores the mystery and meaning of objects and spaces. Initially using sculpture to explore elements in his paintings in the form of still lifes, the sculpture work has recently become a more dominant part of his practice. Using all of these techniques, Sean has built his own dream-like world that blurs the line between set design and still life, in shape, form and line.

Sean’s work is currently showing in a group show titled Gardening is not a rational act at c3 Art Space, Melbourne until October 15. He’s also part of the always exciting The Design Files Open House in November. Don’t miss it!

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