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Drawings and ceramics with a cool, carefree LA vibe from Kenesha Sneed

Kenesha Sneed is a super creative lady based in Los Angeles who blows our minds with her carefree, uber-relaxed work and aesthetic. Working independently from her home studio, Kenesha spends her days splitting her time between the realms of the analogue and digital with her work as a designer, art director, illustrator and ceramicist. Recently her focus has been on illustration and ceramics, which initially began as a side hustle, and has become a practice that she now works at full-time under the pseudonym and shop moniker Tactile Matter.

Kenesha studied digital media, design and illustration and, after graduating, spent years working as an animator at some of LA’s most creative motion graphics studios. In her downtime, she decided to try ceramics and enrolled in a humble community course which taught her the basics of wheel throwing. The rest, as they say, is history, with Kenesha winning the hearts of ceramic and illustration lovers worldwide ever since.

Inspired by the fun and positive vibe of California and fellow women of colour, Kenesha’s work is full of beautiful women of all shapes and sizes, and celebrating plant forms alongside quirky body forms. And balancing her pixel life with clay life certainly doesn’t make a compromise to her aesthetic. Her paintings and digital drawings depicting carefree women of colour living freely and happily are splashed energetically across both her paper and ceramic works. Her store, Tactile Matter, hosts prints of her drawings alongside plates and vessels in bold yet simple glazes, incense burners in bodacious forms, hair picks and her well-recognised sculptures of ladies sitting cross-legged, luxurious and fancy free. So many good vibes, we can’t help but smile.

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