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Doodles of delightful texture and colour from Gizem Vural

We’re totally enthralled by Istanbul-born, now New York-based illustrator Gizem Vural’s use of colour and texture. So much energy and excitement, we feel like we’re moving with the drawings when we lookout them. What’s more amazing, is that this talented lady never knew she wanted to be an illustrator!

The usual story for illustrators is that they’ve been “drawing since they could hold a pencil”, yada yada. Not the case here. Gizem was studying graphic design for six years in her hometown in Istanbul before she realised she wanted to be an illustrator. Drawing now for the likes of The New York Times, The New Yorker and the Boston Globe, looks like Gizem’s sunk into the illustration world pretty smoothly. Along with being praised and recognised by highly esteemed illustration societies in the US, we’ll take it that Gizem definitely made the right career move.

Her studies in design and a preference for big, bold abstract shapes and layers of colours and textures have informed her drawing style. Throw that in with inspiration from Polish and Hungarian posters from the 20’s and we’re starting to dig deeper into Gizem’s influences.

Her process starts with sketchbook drawings and doodles. She’ll then scan in and manipulate the sketch digitally on her computer, and add digital components and embellishments. The drawings come together through much layering and additional hand-drawn patterns or elements, to tie it all together and give it an overly comforting, analogue vibe.

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