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Dominique Pétrin's worlds are dizzying and hypnotising

Dominique Pétrin is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Montreal, Canada. Mainly working with print media and installation, Dominique is interested in creating spaces which convey different perceptions and altered states of conscience.

She creates wallpapers of hand silkscreened works on paper, filled with bold lines, colours and repetitive motifs that create a dizzying and hypnotic world. Florals, checkers, repetitive and tribal-like geometric designs in pastel hues, with pills, emojis and other popular culture iconography threaded through. The spaces she creates are seductive and hypnotic, drawing us in with their outrageous colour and design.

Recently picked by Banksy to take part in a new project in Bethlehem, the ‘Walled Off Hotel’, sitting beside the wall Israel built to keep Palestinians out. Dominique spent a month customising and designing a room for the hotel, decked out in her signature mash of colour, pattern and iconography. The project is promoting discussion about the Israeli-Palestinian divide whilst functioning as a hotel.

Her work has been exhibited across Canada, in France, United States, Belgium and United Kingdom. Dominique was also part of the experimental rock/punk band Les Georges Leningrad. So yeah, this lady’s on something good!

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