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Dive into Alexis Jamet's serene paintings

Alexis Jamet is a French creative whose work we stumbled across the other day in one of those hazy Instagram scroll holes. We were in pretty deep, but his diverse, uplifting work sure snapped us out with its loose, expressive and bold feel. It was damn exciting and we had to share his work with you!

Alexis is based out of Barcelona, where he works as a graphic designer combining traditional graphic design elements with photography and drawing. Ranging from conventional identities to bright illustrations, he’s one versatile guy having worked with the likes of Billabong, Dickies and Volcom alongside his personal projects which include illustration, zines and paintings. His work for brands is all well and cool, but it’s his drawings that really sucked us in.

We see a bit of Hockney, Matisse and Adnan and a skaters mindset with DIY attitude in his drawings. There’s a sense of simplicity, serenity and purity in his work, with a good dose of childlike joy and realness. His animations, which could only be described as ‘motion paintings’, are the perfect combination of looseness, texture and racing contours and lines. It’s like diving into a painting, swimming round and basking in the fluidity of the materials all working with each other.

Alexis’ work stirs something within us. A feeling akin to being a child, feeling wild and alive.

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