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Diggin' on Robbie Simon's multifaceted art and design practice

Robbie Simon is a man who wears many a creative hat. From graphic design to art and illustration, wooden sculptures and cut outs to book design and print projects, Robbie keeps his minimal, restrained yet fun visual vernacular present and in check. A lover of Calder, Matisse and Miro, his minimal, abstract, refined graphics recently caught our eye and we had to learn more.

Growing up in South California, Robbie was initially drawn to graphic design after being gifted a pirated copy of Photoshop in high school. He moved to San Francisco soon after to study design, and as a self confessed ‘highly creative pragmatist’, the rest it seems, was history. He got to work humbly creating LP covers, small scale print projects and gig posters for his friends for fun over the years. And like most good artists who work on a whim, following their own passion to continue to create and grow, Robbie cut his teeth and developed his own multifaceted arts practice through the hours spent experimenting and messing about with his friends. 

After moving to LA, he spent some valuable time working under Geoff McFetridge at Champion Studios. Fast forward to now, Robbie’s got a couple of incredible solo shows under his belt and a well-oiled process for working. His clean, timeless and simplistic work allows for broad enjoyment and applications. From creating posters for his DJ collective Reverberation Radio, to installations at the world renowned Standard Hotel, Robbie’s work is truly established and practiced. When talking about his work he describes it as “shapes and strokes that are nothing important before and nothing much important after but together form an image that has it’s own merits to exist.” What a cool, humble fellow. We dig that.

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