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Cute bags to sling your bananas in by Olive Made

Been on the hunt for the perfect little clutch that holds all your bits and pieces safe and sound? Oh, got one? How about if that clutch had an equality kitschy and cute plastic Mahjong pattern stamped all over it with a matching tassel? And how about the perfect mesh tote bag to put it in? We’re always looking for the perfect tote to sling our bananas in at the markets and we think we may have just found it in Olive Made.

Olive Made is a bag label based in the depths of Melbourne’s very cool but outrageously under-rated West Side. Each piece is designed and handmade by Olive herself, taking inspiration from the colourful streets of Footscray and the grocers, markets, textures and colours of the West. Olive’s bag venture launched in 2014, the results of her humble sewing machine experiments over her years studying Art History at uni.

Using unusual textures, bold colours and unexpected patterns, Olive’s bags are functional and made to be seen. Her collections have included drawstring backpacks, clutches, bum bags and mesh totes. Olive often opts for the up-cycling and repurposing of fabrics for her pieces, meaning that many of her pieces are more than just limited edition; they’re totally one-off and one of a kind!

Olive recently collaborated with Tatanja Ross of On Jackson Street on a cute new shoot which features many of these statement pieces. On location at a grocer in Sunshine, Olive’s bags look totally at home amongst the pineapples and paw paws, offering us inspiration to grab a bag and get down to our local market for some super freshness.

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