Coco Fernandez finds freedom in joyous line work and embracing of imperfections

Spanish artist Coco Fernandez has our hearts aflutter with her dreamy, Fauvist-inspired, abstract drawings. Working across the realms of painting, pottery, fashion and photography, her work is recognisable for its blocky colour patterns, delicate, emotive line work, and integration of the female form.

Drawing has always been an important part of Coco’s life, but she always struggled with her own expectations of precision and exactness with fine, detailed drawings. A true perfectionist, she was left feeling frustrated and disappointed in her abilities. It wasn’t until she stumbled across Picasso, whose animal drawings inspired her to practice the one line technique, that Coco was able to break through to a world of abstraction. Her new-found lack of limits in drawing, meant discovering a place of freedom, joy and flow in her work. Since this discovery, Coco has taken her practice to a place of elevating and praising originality and imperfection.

Her natural, organic forms grace paper, pottery and female bodies, soft and timeless. Watercolour lines dance across her surfaces, soothing for the eyes and the heart. Coco looks to the Fauvism Movement for inspiration, a style created by a loose group of early twentieth-century modern artists who emphasised painterly qualities and strong colour use over the realistic representation. We see hints of André Derain and get immediate flashbacks to Henri Matisse’s paper cut outs.

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