Clara von Zweigbergk creates simple, beautiful, quintessentially Swedish design

Clara von Zweigbergk is a Stockholm-based multidisciplinary designer who definitely knows how to aesthetically rub us the right way. With a style that is clean and contemporary, she is so quintessentially Swedish in her sense of simplicity, beauty, balance and colour.

Interested in design from an early age, her first steps into the creative world were as an assistant in an advertising agency in Sweden. From there, she studied graphic design at Beckmans School of Design in Stockholm, before gravitating over to Art Centre College of Design in the USA. Working in graphic design for studios around the world, she went on to found her own studio, work as a senior graphic designer at Lissoni Associate in Milan before starting her own studio back in Stockholm. Moving between graphic design, art direction and product design, she’s interested in paper, colour, typography and form and explores this through various corporate identities, photos art direction, packaging and a growing series of products.

Some of her most famous work, award-winning work has been for Louis Poulsen and the Danish design brand, HAY. She’s art directed the catalogues for HAY, as well as designed a beautiful, functional object range. Namely, the Kaleido tray, is arguably one of her most iconic pieces and with their steel, geometric, stackable trays in bright, unexpected colour combinations are a fine example of her intuitive sense of colour combinations. Who thinks to skilfully match khaki green with bright red, and manage to avoid making it look like a Christmas fiesta? Hot damn!

Lately we’ve been super taken by her colourful wooden puzzles for NYC-based producer of everyday objects and general cool yet functional things, Areaware. The Colour Puzzle is a colourfully painted wooden tabletop puzzle in rounded, soft shapes inspired by a similar puzzle the Clara made from chipboard and watercolours at age eight (clever!). And, our personal favourite, the Snake Blocks are a puzzle made of 24 wooden triangles with an elastic band throughout which allow it to twist and turn into a range of amazing and amusing geometric patterns. A helpful design tool to get the juices flowing, we-thinks? Let us at it!

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