Chad Kouri investigates visual literacy with his art practice

Chad Kouri is a multidisciplinary artist and creative hailing from Detroit, now living and working in Chicago. We’ve recently discovered that Chad knows a thing or two about shapes and colour, and combining work and play.

Chad and art go back a long way. An early dyslexia diagnosis triggered a dense learning of and hyperawareness of letterforms and their anatomy, leading to a long obsession with typography. Although he still makes text based work from time to time, like his Art Advice Postcard Set, Chad now sets his focus on his fine art studio practice. He is a working artist with a studio practice, but also dabbles in projects in varying mediums for cultural institutions, nonprofits and businesses. He also makes time for private commissions and exhibits his work in galleries.

Chad applies his bold, graphic and shape-based style to various mediums, from digital graphics to printmaking, collage, murals, textiles and painting. His over-arching focus is an investigation into visual literacy and how we process the world around us, though different ways of seeing and reading. Chad notes on his website, “I want my work to operate as a vehicle for greater understanding of ourselves and the world around us by prompting introspection, ultimately creating a dialog between viewer and artist that transcends colour and shape.” We can get down with that!

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