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Camille Walala: a powerful positivity purveyor

Camille Walala is a French-born artist based in East London whose work packs a seriously positive punch. If you haven’t encountered her yet, we might suggest that you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere. No matter, you’re about to get a swift introduction. And don’t blame us if you suddenly feel inclined to cover every white wall in your life with punchy primaries and geometric shapes from now on!

After moving to London at the age of 23, Camille studied textiles at the University of Brighton. Her love affair with patterns and colour started here, where she first started developing her energetic, cheerful aesthetic and style. Influenced by Memphis, Ndebele tribe and the trippy Optical Art movement, her work is vibrant, bold and stops you right in your tracks. On top of these inspirations, Camille is also driven by a simple desire to make people smile, making her a powerful purveyor of positivity and joy.

From enormous murals covering multi-story buildings to textile projects in fashion and apparel, Camille seems to do it all. With a “the bigger, the better” attitude towards painting and public projects, she travels the world adding her signature bright colours and patterns to the cities lucky enough to have her. Not letting herself be defined or constrained by a single medium, her work skips across paint, fabric, spacial design and pure digital vectors. The result is work that shape-shifts and, when enough mediums combine, has the ability to completely immerse the viewer in Walala World.

Speaking of, she’s spent solid time in Australia too! Having already collaborated with the likes of Third Draw Down and Gorman and even painting murals on our streets, she was back again last week to talk at The Design Conference in Brisbane.

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