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Big, bright, beautiful graphic work from Stefanie Leinhos

Stefanie Leinhos is a freelance illustrator and artist from Germany. Splitting her time between commercial and personal projects, she creates drawings, prints, self-publishes books and zines.

Toeing the line between illustration and graphics, she uses clean, crisp lines and bold colour contrasts to create her intriguing work. Her focus on creating these types of works is rooted in an interest in comics and their imagery. Stefanie takes formal comic elements like narrative, repetition and framing, and turns them on their head, pushing the technique until it is exhausted. For example, she’ll take a simple frame of a curtain billowing in the breeze, and re-draw it over and over until it creates a sense of movement and narrative that is impressive in its simplicity and minimalism.

Stefanie also likes to use various printing techniques and processes to explore these ideas. For example, she used zincograph to produce her publication ‘The Long Goodbye’. Zincograph is a printing technique where the artist must draw directly onto the plates to create the print. After the print is complete, the original drawing is washed away from the plate so that all is left is the edition that was printed. She also produces open editions of zines which are completed by original drawings by hand, and explores other techniques like risograph and lino printing to create her self-published books and zines.

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