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Ben Kocinski is an illustrator and graphic designer who prefers to do most everything the hard way.

If you are a fan of all things branding an illustration and your not currently following Ben Kocinski on the gram then I’d say you are missing out. His illustrations bring together a combination of authenticity and simplicity with a sense of organised minimalism and cleanliness. They remind you of a time gone by yet work harmoniously alongside an industry fleeting from a bygone era.

Ben was born and raised in Minnesota. After graduating high school, he went on to receive an Associates Degree in Design before spending the next four years touring the country within the hardcore music scene. That time then shaped how he approaches everything in his life, especially his artwork. His work now reflects a middle ground between the underground subcultures he is a part of and the demands of the industry he now finds himself in.

“My style is a product of my influence and what I enjoy drawing. I would says it’s always changing slightly as I go though. My main focus is on finding balance within my works.”

Ben draws inspiration mainly from design and typography from the 20’s, 30’s and 50’s, art deco statues and buildings, museums, old matchboxes, advertisements and old wood block prints.

Bens design process is much the same as he still draws most of his illustrations by hand before digitally converting them in Photoshop. Preferring to do things the “hard way” Ben creates a vintage hand-crafted feel into all of his work, creating designs full of emotion, texture, and a sense of timelessness ensuring his clients receive an authentic piece that captures their vision.

We love how raw and weathered Ben’s illustrations are and his use of earthy tones and aesthetic make our insides happy.

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