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Ashley Lukashevsky's powerful illustrations focus on dismantling patriarchal nonsense.

Los Angeles-based artist, Ashley Lukashevsky shapes the world through the artwork she creates. Her powerful illustrations focus on dismantling patriarchal nonsense whilst promoting themes such as equal rights and self love.

Originally from Hawaii, Ashley eventually moved out to Los Angeles were she studied International Relations at USC, only to discover right before graduation that she wasn't as passionate in pursuing the route she had once studied so hard for. Lukashevsky soon jumped into graphic design where her main goal, through education and a burning passion was to create social change and work in social justice.

It was here Lukashevsky realised art was a way to attract attention and make people think about politics and social justice in a way that the written word just couldn’t portray. Through graphic design and visual art, she began to produce pieces that were not only important to her but would draw people's attention and spark conversation.

For Ashley the act of drawing will helps her clarify her own feelings about a subject as she extracts a complex and multilayered subject into a simple yet memorable image. “Illustrating around the issues in my heart is therapeutic for me, and creates space for me to process my emotions about the topic at hand.”

“I dream of using illustration and art as a tool to strengthen social movements against systemic racism, sexism, and general bullshit-isms. I think that in order to tear down these systems, we need to be able to envision a world without them. I’m trying to draw what that world looks like.”

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