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Antti Kalevi knows about colour, texture and bodacious forms

What would you get if Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Ellsworth Kelly and Joan Miro walked into a vodka bar with a Wacom tablet? We reckon it would be something close to the work of Finnish graphic artist Antti Kalevi.

Working out of his Helsinki-based studio, this guy knows a thing or two about colour, texture and bodacious forms. Splitting his time between commercial jobs and personal art-based projects, Antti has applied his work to some pretty huge clients including The New York Times, Finlandia Vodka, YOOX, It’s Nice That and The Plant Magazine.

Using geometric shapes, hand-drawn textures, big swaths of bright colour and happy characters, you could be forgiven for thinking his work wasn’t made on a computer. There’s an imperfect, cut-out feel that is rare from digital artists and illustrators and we think that’s what makes his work so damn endearing! His focus on large, exciting forms and expressive lines give an overall warm and inviting effect. And the cheerful pops of primary colours certainly help as well!

Antti recently collaborated with It’s Nice That and designer Bruce Usher to create a book that uses shapes as language. It’s called I Can Speak With Shapes and it looks beautiful. The book is simultaneously abstract and story-telling. Appearing like a simple picture book at first, the reader finds a key legend at the end pages so they can go back through the book, re-read and interpret the shapes as a language. Very clever visual communication!

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