Antti Kalevi creates work which displays things at their bare essence, while keeping the poetry.

18 Months have past since we last took a journey into the bold, bodacious and colour-filled life of Helsinki based artist and illustrator Antti Kalevi’s work. It brings us much joy and happiness to see a new series of illustrative works titled 'Some of my favourite places'.

In this update of Antti’s work we still the his signature style of cut-out, paper-like shapes and elements boasting pops of primary colours but this time in the form of refreshing drinks, abstract landscapes, dreamy colour palettes and tasty morsels of food all of which bring life and warmth to each work.

Created while Antti hops around the globe, “these works are all about being inspired by the different places I’ve personally visited and capturing them through colours, shapes and other elements". From Tokyo to Costa Brava and everywhere in between, 'Some of my favourite places' presents us with a snapshot of his time spent in each destination as he travels throughout the world. This way of working also sees Antti illustrate some elements closer to home, be that a stand alone martini, a Sunday feast or a modest Chinese teapot.

We are in love with Antti's somewhat refined and subtle choice of colour palette as he is still able to nail the representation of the place or object in question to perfection. Thank you for blessing our eyes and imagination once more.

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