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Annu Kilpeläinen is a Finnish illustrator and certified technicolour dreamboat!

Annu Kilpeläinen’s big, bright, bold work really gets us going. She’s a Finnish illustrator and artist who has risen to popularity with her signature summery work, having appeared in magazines such as The Gourmand, Lucky Peach. She’s even printed a zine with cool risograph guys Tan & Loose! That’s high praise!

Annu moved to the UK and graduated from University of the Arts London in 2010, and has been drifting in and out of the country since then. She’s hopped across America and even took a year to tour Australia, and is now back to being settled in oft-dreary London. Cool fact: while Annu was studying, she worked in a biscuit factory, mixing icing colours in the brightest shades and hues. The simplification process of drawing on a biscuit translated over to her own drawings, and before she knew it, she was creating the bright, bold work that she is known and loved for today. So that’s how she doesn’t let those grey clouds that drift over London city get her down. 

Annu is drawn to bold colours and reduction in her drawings of vibrant cars, simplified flowers, and tropical scenes of palms and pools. She creates her drawings from references and photos she collects, often waking up in the middle of the night to jot down cryptic ideas in her phone. From there, Annu uses pencil to loosely sketch whatever ideas fuse together, before finishing in thick, flat lashings of Posca or acrylic paint.

Joyous, playful and full of tropical sunshine-y vibes, Annu’s work has got us down on our knees ready for summer. Yep, can confirm. Annu is a technicolour dreamboat!

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