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Ann Pajuväli's abstractions of the everyday

Ann Pajuväli is a young artist from Estonia. She uses an awesome combination of digital and traditional mediums to create her drawings. We love her use of blocky, spattered textures and 80’s style patterns in pastels and brights. Looking at her work is kind of like daydreaming about abstract comics meeting the Memphis design group for a milkshake.

Ann graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in printmaking and is now working through her Masters. Over the last two years, she’s delved into the comics world, working from an angle which is much broader and more abstract than traditional forms. As well as her self-published editions, Ann has also been published in the super cool comics magazine š!

Her drawings seem to explore the more mundane, collective experiences of everyday life. Focussing on a figure or a feeling, she uses her compositions to reconstruct memories and common scenarios on paper. Using everything from fine liners, graphite and digital colouring techniques, Ann’s works have a sense of familiarity that we can imagine almost anyone taking comfort in. 

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