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Ana Montiel explores complex ideas about perception and consciousness with her abstract paintings

Ana Montiel is a Spanish visual artist and designer with a huge obsession with colour. In her own words, if you were to bump into Ana at a party and get her started on colour theory and the science of perception, you may never get to leave.

After spending most of her life in Europe-Logroño, Barcelona and London respectively, she decided to embark on an spiritual quest moving to a UFO-friendly village in the mountains of Mexico. Her work has been praised by The New York Times, she’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and exhibited her paintings in USA, France and Japan. Impressively, Ana’s work has even auctioned at the illustrious Christie’s. Jaws to the floor over here!

Her preoccupation with colour has taken her to many different places in the creative fields. From digital images and traditional paintings for gallery spaces, collaborating with publishers to create instructional drawing books to directing music videos, designing wallpaper and even writing essays on the history, science and mysticism of colour.

Ana's work may look like simple, abstract paintings to some, but within her broad palettes and exciting use of colour, she explores complex ideas about perception, consciousness and the blurrier edges of reality.

Her past bodies of work have also explored themes like harmony, balance, truth and how she perceives these elements to be states of flow, and, just lightly, explorations of the Multiverse. Ana’s work is so intriguing in its melding of aesthetics and intellect, we find ourselves continuing to fall back into her colour saturated world of blissful forms and beauty. 

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