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Adi Goodrich & Sean Pecknold make our hearts Sing-Sing with their combined studio work

Adi Goodrich and Sean Pecknold are Sing-Sing, a creative studio based in Chinatown, Los Angeles dabbling in animation, photography and design. They’ll also be found skipping across the cities of New York, Seattle and Chicago to collaborate with the likes of Headspace, Sagmeister & Walsh, Adidas, Beach House and Fleet Foxes. The couple met on the set of a commercial project a few years ago. Sean is primarily an animator and Adi a set designer and photographer, so to say they complement each other in skill is an understatement. Add the bonus of compatibility in the lovin’ kinda way and the rest is beautiful, aesthetic history.

With a focus on the hand-made, their combined style is a meeting of analogue and digital. Trying to build as much of the detail in-camera guarantees that anything Sing-Sing touches, be it commercial or art-focussed, has a refreshingly handmade and humble look and feel. In a world where most work that slips into the commercial world is slick, smooth and Adobe-suited to the max, it’s a quiet and honest relief for the eyeballs. 

A prime example of their masterful use of organic materials and analogue techniques is showcased  in their new music video for Fleet Foxes which was released recently. Shot on Kodak 35mm film using Panavision cameras, ‘Fools Errand’ is a glorious production using simple colour palettes, minimally orchestrated choreography and epically sweeping shots on a beautiful sea-side bluff. The result is totally gorgeous and full of heart.


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