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Abstract worlds illustrated by Dominic Kesterton

Oh dear. We’ve spent a good portion of our morning getting lost in some wonderfully graphic worlds created by Edinburgh-based illustrator Dominic Kesterton. Yep, his instantly recognisable combination of monochromes, heavy colour blocking and lush line-work has us dribbling all over our keyboard today. No complaints though.

Born and raised in York, Dominic has been drawing forever. After a false start in painting at a fine arts college, this talented little dude switched streams to study illustration at Edinburgh College of Art. And we are so glad he did. Since graduating back in 2013, Dominic has developed into a storyteller, illustrator, printer and publisher. When he’s not nose-deep in his sketchbook, he’s designed apparel for Lazy Oaf, released prints through NoBrow, created stationary for Peckham Print Studio and collaborated with Converse. He also runs a Risograph printing service Workhorse Press with his mate, and sells his own wares independently through his online shop Half Joyed. We’ve now run out of fingers to further list the talents of this flexible young gun, but you get the picture.

Dominic’s strong on colour, line, detail and some cheeky characters attracted us to his aesthetic. Favouring the humble black pen and white paper, he spends a lot of time doodling and brain dumping in his sketchbook. This acts as an idea bank of sorts that he can lift ideas from, moving on to work in pencil, then pen and colouring digitally if need be. Simple, clean and balancing abstraction and reality, Dominic goes on to create incredible worlds filled with plants, blobby appendages, mysterious man-holes and alluring shapes.

Thanks for the little mind holiday this morning, Dominic. You rule!

See more from Dominic Kesterton on his website, Instagram and blog. Drop by his online store to pick up some tees, prints, pins and zines.


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