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A look at Tim Lahan's fun, colourful and positive illustrations

Tim Lahan is a graphic artist and illustrator based in New York that we can never seem to get enough of. His style and work is constantly shifting and surprising, and while he splits his time between commercial work and personal, from the outside it often feels difficult to distinguish between the two. Yep, he’s that good.

Tim’s drawings are witty, joyful and often damn funny. At any time his work encompasses drawing, painting, sculpture and self-publishing. And in the client department, from The New York Times to McSweeney’s and Kenzo to Nike, Tim’s got most of those cream-of-the-crop commercial jobs every illustrator dreams of covered. And like he says on his website, he’s won a number of industry awards over the past years but is actually most proud of nabbing 1st place for Long Jump in year 8. Oh and he failed gym class twice. He’s clearly a humble and humorous dude.

One of the really cool and fascinating things about Tim’s work is that he manages to skip across various styles and processes and still maintain his authenticity and recognisability. He can make a simple black garbage back or a stack of rocks look damn fine. Whether it’s scratchy, doodle-y, textural line work, high rendered details, huge flat fills of bright colour, semi-transparent colour washes or a combination of everything, Tim pretty much nails it. And although most of his commercial work seems to be digital, he still manages to consistently maintain a hand-made, organic and wobbly human feel to it. We think that’s one of the things that makes his work just so freakin' likeable.

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