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A look at painter and musician Jatinder Singh Durhailay's tranquil works

Jatinder Singh Durhailay is a multi-disciplinary artist from the UK, who seems to embody every facet of the word and profession of ‘creative’. He has exhibited his work from United Kingdom, through to Europe, the United States and Japan. He spends the year flitting between Tokyo and his home-base London, making, sharing and showing his art and music wherever he may be.

Jatinder paints, draws and plays music, all in a way that feels totally harmonious with each other. One discipline speaks to another, and vice versa. When you look at his pencil drawings and watercolour sketches, you are led naturally through to his his oil paintings, which are calming and divine. His music encompasses his visual language, creating a quiet, restrained and beautiful world for the three practices to co-exist within.

Trained in Indian classical music, Jatinder perfoms and practices Kirtan, as well as playing a rare instrument called the Taus and Dilruba. His sound is minimal, peaceful and avant-garde, drawing inspiration from his eastern and western cultures. On his penchant for garnering influence from these two worlds, Jatinder has said, “My art is a bit like me, a young Sikh boy born in London, who is a mish-mash of both eastern and western culture”.

He has just released his first album, The Last Ballad of Mardana, which is a collection of twelve tranquil and transcending compositions and a booklet of his recent painterly works.

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