5 Favourites | Week of September 14, 2015

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TrekMatthews_Dolby3Trek Matthews for Dolby

Georgia-based artist and an Odd Pears favourite Trek Matthews was recently commissioned by Dolby to paint a huge wall at their new HQ in San Francisco. We’re a super fan of his trademark pastel-coloured paintings of intersecting shapes and abstracted structural environments. Needless to say, we’re pretty jelly that the folks at Dolby get to cruise past Trek’s mural at work everyday. Read more over on Sight Unseen.

Dowel Jones Mr. Dowel Jones Lamp

Dowel Jones is a young, award-winning design studio out of Melbourne. Their focus on simplifying objects to the bare essentials and using premium materials is ensures that they’re making some of the most beautiful objects and furniture for everyday life that we’ve probably ever seen. The Mr. Dowel Jones lamp in a popping primary colour palette is at the top of our To Obtain Under Any Circumstances list. It’s a masterpiece of rubber, timber and apparently takes just minutes to assemble. Not only that, it’s all made and manufactured in Melbourne. Yeah, no more IKEA for us, thanks. Shop online.

Life As A Series Of Dogs Smiling Back At You by Amanda Jasnowski

New York photographer and general good-vibes spreader Amanda Jasnowski has started a newsletter for fun, where once a week she’ll email you personal news, work, music, funny jokes and photos. We received the first instalment last week, and it did not disappoint. Do yourself a favour and subscribe, for a personal-feeling super fun positivity hit in your inbox from time to time.

Shirley Jaffe’s colourful geometric paintings

Shirley Jaffe is an abstract painter and sculptor who created work characteristic in their geometric flat forms, lines, and amorphous shapes. Stumbling across her colourful oil works from the 70’s recently sucked us out of our internet scroll-hole and took us on a visual journey that inspired us to think about our own socks with more fervour and excitement for shapes than ever. 

Astronauts Etc feat. Toro Y Moi cover Rocket Man

Damn, have you heard this smooth cover of Elton John’s ‘Rocket Man’? It’s a soft, very funky audio journey, that’s for sure. We feel those shivery synths and bass blips bubbling beneath our skin. This is a challenge for you to hit repeat and not feel yourself glide through your morning. You are welcome.

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