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Mathery Studio X Odd Pears


A Monday to Friday guide to pulling up your mismatched socks

Mathery Studio are a multidisciplinary Italian creative practice with an unorthodox approach to design and a serious eye for colour. Creative power couple Erika Zorzi and Matteo Sangalli are the sum of Mathery, together tackling everything from art direction and craftsmanship to illustration, product and set design. 

“In this campaign we focused on the act of 'pulling up the socks' and for five lucky Odd Pears trios we have designed a system which will allow every early morning-still-sleepy bird to get dressed in just one move.”

The systems include an array of mechanic pulleys, helium balloons, orange squeezers, kitchen timers and paper airplanes. Thanks to these nifty inventions to shake up your morning routine, getting up and dressed never looked so good. Oh, what a time to be alive! Life is far too much fun in mismatched socks!

See more from Mathery Studio on their website and follow them on Instagram.

 mathery socks
mathery socks

mathery socks
mathery socks

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