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Tin & Ed

Melbourne design duo Tin & Ed are the collective brain / craft power of Tin Nguyen and Edward Cutting. Reaching through the worlds of design, illustration, installation, publishing, architecture and animation, Tin & Ed are talented, young and vibrant. They’ve created work for some of the worlds largest brands and are not afraid to inject a bit of curiosity, experimentation and fun with their playful aesthetic.

For our November 2015 drop, Tin & Ed have created ‘Odd Pairings’. The series pushes the Odd Pears ethos of pairing things that don’t match further than ever before.

“Using the ‘Exquisite Corpse’ technique, we’ve graphically mashed the sock designs with unexpected objects,” say Tin & Ed.

Behold peas and pastels, bouquets and bubble tea, rocks, sculptures, succulents and spots all thrown together in super fun, colourful collages.

“We wanted to create something really bold, simple, graphic and a bit weird!” Yep, there’s that’s that iconic and refreshing Tin & Ed aesthetic shining on through. 

See more from Tin & Ed on their website, Instagram and Twitter.

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