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Dog Milk is fuelling our dog obsession

So here at Odd Pears we like dogs. Not just a little bit either, we like them a lot. Sometimes we get a little out of control at coffee shops and people give us ‘the eyes’, you know the ones, oozing judgement and slightly tinged with the fear that you might try to snag their dog. Yeah, you better keep walking, we’ve got a duffel bag in our car and a dog bowl at home just itching to be used. So, to combat our obsession with our four-legged friends we’ve decided to stick to googling them instead. Way less creepy right?

Enter stage right the coolest thing we’ve seen since the movie cats & dogs (dogz rule), which is a pretty mean feat right? When our canine senses alerted us to the glorious wonder that is Dog Milk, we thought it was an illusion, an oasis in the desert if you will, tricking us, luring us into the belief that a website so beautifully curated for our doge pals actually could exist. Exist it does, and it is wonderful!

Not only does Dog Milk have an absurdly awesome selection of articles to show you the ins and outs of canine cool, but their staff page puts a smile on our face too. Let’s just say we’re glad to see a progressive workplace where dogs can finally crack that glass ceiling. Aside from all the cuteness, Dog Milk know their shiz. The sister site to Design Milk, one thing we know for sure is that this family has good genes.

Gone are the days where we are satisfied with unimaginative, boring products and accessories for ourselves, so why should it be any different for our dogs? They don’t call them man’s best friend for no reason. So head on over to Dog Milk, pop your pampered pooch on your lap and give that (probably already maxed out car) a workout, we know we did! 

Visit the Dog Milk website. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Dog Milk is fuelling our dog obsessionDog Milk is fuelling our dog obsessionDog Milk is fuelling our dog obsessionDog Milk is fuelling our dog obsessionDog Milk is fuelling our dog obsession


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