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Geoff McFetridge - “Studies”

Make no mistake, we have been long time fans of California-based artist and designer Geoff McFetridge. With his iconic, minimal drawings and brilliant mind, who isn’t? Ok, so now you can understand how excited we were when we made our way down to the Melbourne Art Book Fair at the NGV on the weekend, and found his new zine sitting pretty at the Perimeter Books booth. The feeling was a little something like this. Oh yes, sweet euphoria.

If you haven’t been acquainted with Geoff’s work, here’s the down low. He has been renowned since the 90’s for the his minimal, reduction approach to design, with a practice that is essentially rooted in drawing. The most simplistic ideas you’ll wish your own brain hadn’t sifted past them in their outright obviousness and beautiful, bold line work your eyes will want to follow forever. When approaching a blank page, he says he looks inwards, drawing from his mind rather than life.

His work is iconic and infectious, super joyous and mega serene. Not to mention very clever.

Geoff’s new book is published through the revered Swiss publishing company Nieves. Titled ‘Studies’, the book / zine is 32 pages of sketches and studies for paintings that he created in preparation for his exhibition at V1 gallery in Copenhagen last year.

Geoff’s words on the book - “I have always been interested in creating work that lies between image and language: Imagery that your mind reads as language rather than being seen as spatial or physical things. These pictures are for me a way to induce a misfiring of our mind, to have something resonate with the viewer. What I am trying to capture is the moment of legibility. I would like these drawings to create a sense that the font with which you perceive the world has been changed.”

This baby is a limited edition of 1000. Get your hands on a copy before we panic and buy them all.

See more from Geoff McFetridge on his website, Tumblr and follow him on Instagram.

Geoff McFetridge - “Studies”Geoff McFetridge - “Studies”Geoff McFetridge - “Studies”Geoff McFetridge - “Studies”Geoff McFetridge - “Studies”Geoff McFetridge - “Studies”


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