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Bravo, Realmente Bravo!

Realmente Bravo are bringing the goods via their brand of design and art direction. We’re talking digital surrealism, doused in popping colours and just a teensy bit of irony. They’re a couple of cool cats out of Spain, Vik Autofocus and Paula Schmerz, a designer and audio visual artist respectively.

Like most good things, the Realmente Bravo aesthetic and multidisciplinary approach was born out of DIY. Exploring art and post-internet culture, Vik and Paula started creating their own homemade sets, and the concepts grew from there. The collective have collaborated with girlsgetbusy zine and our friends at PITCH zine, and sell their own namesake products over on their online shop where you can adorn your body with Realmente realness with tees, totes and caps and rep their posters on your walls.

We really dig their aesthetic; super 80’s colour palettes combined with kitschy imagery bordering on the absurd. Think a statue of Christ defaced with smiley stickers and googley eyes, and a project called “A Sponge Odyssey”, where they’ve played with and arranged sponges with all round unexpectedly aesthetically pleasing results. All of this is definitely not without a bit of playful tongue-in-cheek, we might add. In a recent project, monolithic brand identities have been re-appropriated with the Realmente Bravo name playfully substituted in, subverting logos like Windows, Playstation and The North Face. All of this cheeky activity combined with grids, marbling, strong colour juxtapositions and textures, create a memorable and beautiful exploration of aesthetics and design.

See more from Realmente Bravo on their Tumblr, Instagram and shop.

Bravo, Realmente Bravo!
Bravo, Realmente Bravo!Bravo, Realmente Bravo!Bravo, Realmente Bravo!Bravo, Realmente Bravo!


Bravo, Realmente Bravo!
Bravo, Realmente Bravo!
Bravo, Realmente Bravo!

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