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PyroPet Candles - Cute Critters With A Sinister Side

We love candles. Seriously, we can’t get enough and it’s beginning to become a problem. The chances of us sticking to that vow of candle abstinence are looking pretty bleak right now, which is kinda okay. When we first stumbled across Pyropet candles, we couldn’t believe how adorable the Kisa cat was! Cut in clean asymmetric lines, Kisa comes in two colours, a light rosy pink, or a beautiful charcoal grey. The best way to describe what happens when you light them comes from the horses mouth themselves, “A cute cat shaped candle reveals the wild beast inside her, a grinning metallic skeleton with fire blazing in her eyes!”

These adorable little animal candles have a sinister side which is revealed through their skeleton as they melt! We love that! Not only is the concept mega cool, but the execution is just wonderful and unique with every candle. Pyropet Candles came about after an Exhibition by designer Thorunn Arnadottir while attending the Royal College of Art in London in 2011. She received so much interest in her concept that she decided to join forces with business guru Dan Koval an launched a kickstarter to fund their dream. The kickstarter was successfully funded in just 4 days and by the end of the campaign they had reached 250% of their initial goal.

Unfortunately what this means is now our vow is broken, our hands are tied, the product is too cool for us not to try and we will have to purchase a Kisa of our very own. Sometimes you’ve just gotta give it up for people’s imagination and recognise creativity when you see it. As for the future of Pyropets, they are planning on introducing more kooky animals to the party so keep your eyes peeled, start collecting and who knows, maybe one day you’ll have a whole zoo of skeletons. This is one kinda cat lady we’re happy to get down with. 

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PyroPet Candles - Cute Critters With A Sinister SidePyroPet Candles - Cute Critters With A Sinister SidePyroPet Candles - Cute Critters With A Sinister SidePyroPet Candles - Cute Critters With A Sinister Side


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