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The Ultimate Wes Anderson Mixtape

Um did you hear the amazing news? Some Wes Anderson mega fan (slash generally amazing human being) decided to make a compilation mix of literally every song (bar a few) that has featured in a Wes Anderson film ever! This is no belated April Fool’s joke, oh no, this our friends is the real deal. Trust us, this is a mix you won’t be getting over any time soon, not with the nostalgia and all that jazz. This playlist is a keeper, so we figured we better share the love.

Not only did this genius include da hits, this 166 track playlist, they included the not obvious ones too, like background music from some of the best scenes to really set the mood. So seriously guys, this is the time where if you don’t have a special guy or gal in your life, you will soon. All you need to do is whisk them away to a private beach, pop dat boot in yo’ car and start serenading and woo’ing the shiz outta them.  We may or may not have tested it and we found that the success rate ranged anywhere from 0-100%, so what have you got to lose!

Apart from the fact that those facts may or may not have been made up, we truly believe this could be the next big soundtrack to your life. Obviously we don’t know you that deeply, but we feel as though if you like our socks, you’re automatically cool enough to need a Wes Anderson backing track to your existence. Trust us, Wes isn’t for everyone, just the dope kids with great sock game and a penchant for being awesome. So excuse us while we go get our boombox and start curating our life around our favourite Wes Anderson tracks, thug life calls. 

Dazed  has hooked everybody up with the killer playlist here.


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