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Trotter Mag

So it’s been a few weeks now since we first discovered Trotter mag, and we’re still trying to pick up our jaw off the ground. Trotter is in the business of food and travel, which is basically just another way to describe all Gen Y’ers, but there are a few distinctive qualities which set them apart and declare them to be breaking new ground. Founders Eva Tsang, who describes herself as a wandering foodie with dreams of traveling the world for the ultimate culinary adventure (our kinda gal) and Stefan Karlstrom, whose favourite memories include snorkelling in the crystal waters of the Maldives and discovering the old and new charms of Hong Kong, sound like long lost soulmates of ours.

Trotter was created to fill a need that we didn’t know we had until we stumbled across it, to see the best curated selection of places, food and things to see in the worlds most popular cities to visit, London, Paris and New York, all while photographed impeccably. These cultured cuties are on a mission, to delve into these overcrowded tourist centres and emerge grasping the hidden gems that will get anyone looking for a more crafted experience excited. We all know that London has the goods, the problem is how do you sort through the rubbish with limited time on your hands and the desire for a good Melbourne coffee? Trotter mag can help. Not only do they debunk the myths that your acquaintance-come-new-best-friend, who’s been living in L town for like a month, tells you about knowing all the coffee hotspots, they do it in goddamn STYLE. Seriously guys, you need to peep their feed…yesterday.

All in all we were super impressed by what we saw from these curated cool cats, and cannot wait to whip out the dusty travel journal and start planning our next metropolitan getaway. If you aren’t planning a world trip anytime soon, that’s okay, check out their feed anytime for some seriously sleek inspiration in your daily life. What’s evident from our little obsession with Trotter mag is that these guys have an amazing eye for beautiful photography and understand exactly what this generation wants in a city. We’d like to think that they will be around for a long time to come, sharing their passion for travel and inspiring us to search out their carefully selected suggestions in each city we visit. Keep doing yo’ thang Trotter Mag, you’ve totally got our vote.

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