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Cecile Emeke - Breaking Moulds and Broadening Spectrums Through Film

Jamaican-British filmmaker Cecile Emeke is a London-based artist currently making waves in the online spheres with her poignant, boundary-transcending work. Addressing issues and perspectives rarely seen on tv screens, Cecile’s two web series ‘Strolling’ and ‘Ackee & Saltfish’ have become an important voice and portal into the world of Britain’s black youth.

Addressing the lack of young black British voices in television and media, Cecile Emeke has taken it upon herself to create spaces which showcase the everyday thoughts, feelings and personal experiences. Away from the stereotypes and fetishisation of mainstream representations of race, the result is honest, playful and beautiful.

‘Strolling’ is a short docu-series; a casual yet complex discussion between young people about the social and political issues affecting them, and connecting the voices of the African Diaspora in the UK.

On the other hand, ’Ackee & Saltfish’ is a fictional web series based around two best friends bantering, laughing, teasing and exploring the world together. Premiering in February, we’ve followed kooky friends Olivia and Rachel fight over the legitimacy of ‘back-bread’ for breakfast, boogie in a carpet shop, be left devastated by missing out on sold out Lauryn Hill tickets and outrage over boundary-crossing bestie bad-breath testing before a job interview. So. Damn. Funny.

All of Cecile’s work is produced via crowd funding, a necessity due to the lack of funding available through institutions and investors (often infuriatingly boiling down to discrimination). Crowd funding and self producing also means that Cecile gets to maintain creative control and 100% steer her pure vision to create her art, which has become so important.

This incredible lady is breaking the boring one-story-narrative mould, blowing stereotypes out of the ground and creating a space allowing for broader spectrums of self expression in pop culture. Follow and support now!

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