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Vibrant, pared-back, experimental design from Na Kim

Colour is amazing. Give us a geometric form in a bright, flat colour and our jaw can hit the floor. Sometimes all we need to cheer us up when we’re feeling a bit yuck is a good colour hit. This is why we love South Korean graphic designer Na Kim’s work. It’s simple, intelligent, pared back colour and form at its finest.


Initially studying product design, jumping over to graphics and then completing her studies in Netherlands at Werkplaats Typografie, Na builds her practise from a solid foundation in design. She was based in Amsterdam for a few years running her own design studio, before moving back to Korea, where she is a member of Table Union and remains involved in the artist-run space Common Center in Seoul. She is also the founder of experimental graphic design magazine umool umool, which she started as a personal project back in 2004 to challenge ideas, roles and theory in graphic design. Na was also responsible for the groundbreaking concept and design of GRAPHIC magazine from 2009-2012, where she was highly influential in her skill and ideas. She’s also exhibited everywhere from Milan to New York, received global recognition for her vibrant, bold style and is pretty much ready to rule the world. Impressed yet?


Na Kim’s work freely wanders the line between fine art and design. She strips back to only the most essential visual elements in form, rearranging them to her own set of rules and symbols. Her visual language encompasses colour, typography, image and composition in a way that is totally exciting and instantly recognisable.


See more of Na Kim’s work on her website.



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