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Mens Socks

So, you’re looking for the world’s best mens socks? Boy, have you come to the right place. 


If you’ve typed mens socks into google then I think it’s fair enough to assume that you’re sick of all the boring, commercial, mass produced socks out there that every second guy walking down the street is wearing. Listen, we get the need for a comfortable, cool product that you can feel good in and not look like some basic pleb that lacks originality.

That’s why we created our brightly coloured, unique mens socks that not only kick some serious ass, but come in a Pear of three! Our ‘Pears’ are made up of three socks, two that match and one that’s inversely odd; call it purposeful and intentional mis-matching. Not only are you getting super great value for money, but you get to choose how you like to wear your socks too, matching or odd.

mens socks

And did we mention that all of our brightly-coloured beauties can be mixed and matched together? Buying two of our ‘Pears’ gives you three traditional ‘pairs’ of two which is like an insanely great deal!

We’d like to think that our mens socks are fun-coloured agents of change, sticking it to the man and walking down the street doing whatever they want. Yeah, we’re breaking down stereotypes alright, who needs 'em anyway? Oh, and what’s even better, our Pears aren’t just mens socks, they’re completely unisex too, meaning you can get your sweet gal-thang some pears and kill the sock and couple game at the same time!

Yeah, we’ve totally got your back… and feet. So grab yourself some Pears and let the good times keep rolling, because your style is flawless and everyone out there is jealous of your sock game.

Mens socks, we just killed it.



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