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Cool Socks

Hi there, wow, fancy meeting you whilst you googled cool socks.

Lol jks, of course you stumbled across us.

Listen, we’re going to let you in on a little secret, if you want cool socks, you come to us, Odd Pears. We may be new players on the sock scene but lets be honest, those other sock heads are boring, commercial and totally out of touch. Wasn’t it Gandhi that said “ All it takes is one epically amazing, young sock company to take on the big guys and change the sock game for good.” That was Gandhi right? Regardless, someone said it, and it’s goddamn true! We’re that company and now is the time for us to dominate the game.

Okay, you get it, we can tell; you’re fed up with the man tryna’ boss you ‘round, stick you in a box and give you bland sock options that every hipster ‘round the globe has worn threadbare, we’re sick of it too!

So we created the ultimate in cool socks, the ‘Pear’. A totally non-mythical being of our own creation, the Pear is made up of three socks, two matching and one which happens to be inversely odd. We do this to keep creativity alive and give you kooky kids the option of wearing your awesomely cool socks matching, or odd. Oh, it also happens to be goddamn handy when that sock-stealing dryer, comes in and nicks one singular sock like a thief in the night.

Cool Socks

Our socks are unisex which makes them perfect for snugs with your bae, kool as shiz which will totally make you the talk of every awkward party you’re forced to attend, and seriously oozing  flipping-the-bird-to-the-man kinda vibes.

If you are in the market for some cool socks youngin’ look no further, seriously, we geddit, and your beautiful feet are in our safe, and hip as hell, hands.


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