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Bebo's Back!



Guess who’s back, back again. Shady’s back, tell a friend. Lol jks, Bebo is back bitches, and it looks like it might be here to stay. Remember the good old days of Bebo, where your biggest problem was figuring out who would be your “other half”? Well Bebo has grown up a bit it seems, as has all of it’s previous users. You might remember when Bebo sold to AOL for $850 Million? Oh you don’t? We don’t blame you, dat figure is completely mental! Regardless, somehow it happened and the founders of little old Bebo raked in some serious cheese. After a complete and utter failure to bring Bebo back, in 2013 AOL agreed to sell Bebo back to it’s former owners for a measly $1million, depressing right?

So, onto bigger and better things these savvy owners sat there pondering how to revamp their old baby, and some pock-faced uni kid just got a raise. These old school champs have officially re-launched Bebo, an instant messaging app which feels like a weirdly nerdy and mildly lame blend of Instagram, Twitter and Habbo Hotel. We don’t know why and we don’t know how but it werks. Alright, so seriously the avatar in lieu of profile pic kinda spooked us at first and made us think we stumbled across our 12 year old sisters’ neopets account, but if you take it all with a grain of lol it does the job.

Hashtags also feature heavily in this revamped early 00’s wonder. Like you can use the hashtag #draw and it brings up a high-tech etch-a-sketch which is #badassss. Oh, the other thing that won us over is their recruitment process. These Bebonians decided that they needed to expand so instead of holding traditional interviews, applicants are invited to a goddamn sleepover at the founders house. And we talking pizzas, beer, the whole kit n’ caboodle. Pretty neat rite? Either way, we think we might just have another crack at this thing. Ain’t no school like the old school. If we're piqued your interest you can check out the new and improved Bebo here.

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