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Daniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel EmmaDaniel Emma

Daniel Emma have won our hearts with their simple and unexpected industrial design work. Based in Adelaide, the faces behind the name are husband wife duo Daniel To and Emma Aiston.

Working on a variety of projects ranging from desk objects to installations, Daniel Emma have been making waves in the international design scene since their launch in 2008, working with companies like Hay, Field and Theo, to design beautiful, pared back pieces for their brands.

The pair enjoy creating the unexpected from simple objects, using simple forms, and drawing inspiration from the melting pot of diversity that is Modern Australia. With designs that aim to be “just nice”, it’s the simple and honest aesthetic that wins us over. Much of their work stems from basic geometric forms, which we’d kill to see the original drawings for!

We love the geo’s, and our favourite piece of theirs is the Pick ’n’ mix table which they made in collaboration with TAIT, which is exactly that - a literal pick ’n’ mix. As the customer you get a table top, and can choose the legs as you please from a variety of blocky, colourful geometric shapes! Another fav (and classic example of Daniel and Emma’s fun work) is the Cherry On The Bottom pendant light (pictured above). It’s so simple, and evidently plays with the idea of a sundae with a cherry on top in its forms! Minds = blown.

Also (as you can see we could gush about their work all day), Daniel Emma have created what we think is probably the most aesthetically pleasing desk set that we have ever seen. Soapstone bookends, a leather mousepad, beautiful turned pine pen pot and a copper paper weight.

If all of this isn’t deluxe enough to get you to race to your desk every morning to get down to business, well we don’t know how to please you. Maybe we can convince our CEO to deck out our studio in these beautiful objects under the guise that our productivity levels will shoot through the roof. Are we right? Who’s with us? DANIEL EMMA FOREVER!

View more enticing and beautiful work on their website and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

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