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Paul Wackers

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Paul WackersPaul WackersPaul WackersPaul WackersPaul WackersPaul WackersPaul Wackers

Paul Wackers makes work we really would love to get lost in. Dense with patterns, textures and always a bit of lush greenery, each painting feels like a window into a little world. Or an alternative take on our own.

Paul is an artist based in New York, and has had a number of highly successful solo shows with work in a range of impressive private and public collections. His work is recognisable by his usual collages, and always mixed media approaches; a cross-section somewhere between the worlds of arts, graphics and illustration. Stark silhouettes juxtaposed with dense, meticulously detailed areas of pattern and texture. Vibrant spray painted lines, the sense of a beam of energy shooting through these environments, are an intriguing, recurring element.

From beautiful interior design and ceramic collections to geodes and fluorescent fauna, Paul Wackers is extremely talented in creating familiar worlds with an otherworldly energy. He has said that his work is often informed by objects surrounding him, things he is interested in and exploring them in various ways to understand what they are and what they mean to him. We’re convinced that Paul must have some pretty heavy juju come into play within this part of his process. Objects that we wouldn’t normally look twice at or everyday tools that seem pretty banal, are injected with new life and spirit. The work is so relatable, makes us look at our own spaces with a fresh perspective and maybe imagine a little bit of magic too!

Maybe our humble bookshelf, under fresh eyes, can be an incredible cabinet of curiosity too! Thanks for the special little spark this morning, Paul Wackers.

View more of Paul Wackers' work on his website and through his gallery.

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