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You Have Too Much Shit

You Have Too Much Shit


You Have Too Much ShitYou Have Too Much ShitYou Have Too Much Shit

This somewhat Ironic book explores the natural human condition: hoarding. Poking fun at our inexplicable sentimentality and materialistic nature, author Chris Thomas delves deep into the psyche of our minds and explains just why its so hard to let go of that SO Fresh Hits of Summer 2005 album, and why it might be best that we do. Seriously, let it go.

Pitched as a self-help book that you should throw away after reading, this 20 page bombshell is available for 6 pounds with free shipping worldwide, or download it for free on his website.

The best part about this book is the brutal truthfulness of it. Flicking through the pages and having a laff, we soon realised one simple, undeniable truth…we have too much shit too. So we suggest grabbing a copy, digital is best but if you’re a purist be sure to pass on the book to a friend after, so they too can de-shit themselves.

What’s so refreshing about this book though, is it’s unapologetic analysis of our cluttering ways, and it’s frank discussion about why change is needed, without being pretentious or preachy. That’s the thing right, why so many people get turned of “minimalism” or recycling or even just catching public transport to work, we’re so goddamn sick of the preaching. Haven’t you ever just wanted to rip the soapbox out from under anyone who tries forcing that crud on you?! I mean seriously peeps, we all want to make the world a better place, but we would rather get there with our free will and sanity intact.

So here we are, raising a glass and toasting the wonderful Chris Thomas who had the courage to step down from his soap box and talk to us like humans, mano el mano right? So get out there, download your copy and get ready to toss some serious shit from your life, for good.

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