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The Raleigh Hotel

The Raleigh Hotel

The Raleigh HotelThe Raleigh HotelThe Raleigh HotelThe Raleigh HotelThe Raleigh HotelThe Raleigh HotelThe Raleigh HotelThe Raleigh Hotel

Miami Beach Florida. The place where dreams are made, well at least ours are. For years now we’ve pegged this little tourist hotspot as a place to go and set our hearts alight. Roller-blading in hot pants and bikini tops with our Odd Pears peeking out the top, oh yes, we think we’ll like it there.  If you’re looking for cheesy, kooky, or just plain interesting inspiration, maybe Miami is the place to go? And if one goes to Miami, one must do so in style.

Enter right, the Raleigh Hotel in all of it’s Art Deco glory. This carefully preserved beauty has always been a place we could envision ourselves kicking back by the pool whilst sipping on Martini’s and with it’s recent acquisition by our secret crush, Tommy Hilfiger, we now have all the more reason to go. TH showed up and stepped up throwing an easy breezy 56.6 million at this 1940’s Miami Icon, and we cannot wait to get our bodies out there, chillin’ by the pool. If you like pretty things, then head over to their website and let your mind transport you to another world, a far more beautiful one.

This latest acquisition by the Tommy Hilfiger clan, who also “coincidentally” own a group called The Raleigh Group, is part of a bid for the label to expand their horizons and build their luxury lifestyle hospitality brand. Pretty cool, right? Either way, regardless of what anyone thinks, that’s one Miami icon that will forever get the love, attention and care that it deserves, and that’s just fine by us. All we know is that glorious Art Deco pool is calling our names and we are more than ready to be transported back to the 1940’s. See ya soon you classy bit of american history.

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